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In the spring of 2010, Larry and Peter Geaghan began exploring the idea of expanding operations at Geaghan's Pub to include a small-scale brewery in Bangor, Maine.  Driven by a desire for a quality, local product that would complement and diversify the already existing pub's style and reputation, Larry and Peter knew they would have to focus on producing a high quality product if it was going to be a success.  Knowing his beer knowledge and passion for the family business in which he grew up, Larry and Peter soon brought Larry's son Andrew into the conversation.  Beginning in a consulting roll, Andrew soon decided it was time to come back into the fold and asked his father and uncle for an opportunity to rejoin the family business in a full-time position.  In the coming year as business at the pub rolled on and continued to grow, so too did the brewery project.  Moving from an idea spoken about “off the clock” to a plan developed in a weekly owner's meeting, Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company began to ---- GBBintroposter (large) take shape.  The project received a major boost in the most unlikely of circumstances when Larry, attending a local funeral, made contact with Sarah Courtney, a woman who grew up with Larry's oldest son Thomas.  Sarah and her husband Jason had spent the past 15 years working full-time in brewpub and microbrewery settings.  Jason had progressed from homebrewer to assistant brewer to head brewer and in 2002 had a very successful showing at the Great American Beer Festival, receiving the brewpub category brewmaster of the year honors.  As Larry, Peter and Andrew continued conversations and expressed their desire to build a small-scale brewery in Bangor, Jason and Sarah also expressed their interest in moving back to the Bangor area.  In time, with many conversations and meetings, both desires began to take shape.  With many options available to them, Jason and Sarah decided an opportunity to have a foundational and long-term impact on and relationship with a truly local brewery in Bangor, Maine was exactly what they were looking for.  In December 2011 the idea became a reality.  The Geaghan Family, together with award winning brewer Jason Courtney, have begun pouring pints of locally craft brewed beer from Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company exclusively at Geaghan's Pub. 


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